Products and Services

The growing complexity in legislation and investment markets means that it is becoming increasingly difficult to make the right financial choices and to take advantage of the many opportunities that exist without professional advice.

Through Wisdom Financial Services you can simply and conveniently access the following services and products:

Wealth Creation - the right investment strategies can help you to create wealth faster. We have a number of strategies available to assist you to accumulate short term and long term wealth. We will assess your financial circumstances and develop a strategy to suit you.

Guaranteed Products - In simple terms, a Guaranteed Product is an innovative retirement and investment solution which also allows you to choose a guarantee over your capital or income. We can help you better understand the benefits of this rather unique product solution.

Direct shares - A share represents an ownership in part of a company. This means you have an interest in the financial performance of the company. As a shareholder, you have the right to benefit from profits which are paid to you through share dividends. You can also benefit from an increasing share price. We can assist you in formulating a portfolio.

Managed Investment Funds - there are an enormous range of Managed Investment Funds to choose from, depending on what kind of risk/return you are looking for. We can help you decide which Managed Investment Funds are the best investment option for you.

Socially Responsible Investments - integrates personal values and societal concerns with investment decisions. We can help you put your money to work, to build a better tomorrow while earning competitive returns today.

Geared Products - geared products appear in many forms across the market, the most common being margin lending. We are well equipped to provide you with advice on gearing.

Risk Management - a good financial plan will analyse and recommend how much protection you and your family need. We can provide advice on the right product combination and the most appropriate levels of coverage for you and your family, creating greater peace of mind and financial security.

Superannuation - Your superannuation account will form an intricate part of your overall wealth accumulation plans. We keep abreast of any changes in this area to ensure you receive the best possible advice.

Retirement Planning - retirement is one of the biggest changes you will experience in your lifetime. We can assist you in navigating the maze that is retirement planning by providing you with guidance in the areas of budgeting, income sourcing, tax, claiming the age pension, investing, asset allocation etc.

Annuities and Allocated Pensions - We can assist you in identifying the most appropriate income stream product for you in retirement. A wide variety of options exist and we will adopt a strategy that satisfies your investment objectives and income needs.

Tax Effective Strategies - there are a number of strategies available that can be used to reduce the amount of tax you incur throughout your working life and in retirement. We can help you in this area.

Centrelink Planning - We can help you understand your financial options through Centrelink and maximise your potential entitlements.

Corporate Super Advice - We can assist you to improve your employee superannuation program, ensuring it remains competitive when compared to industry benchmarks.

Estate Planning Considerations - estate planning is essential to provide your family with security and peace of mind. We can explain the difference between Wills, power of attorneys, enduring guardianships and binding death benefit nominations.

For further enquiries regarding our services and products, please do not hesitate to contact us.